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Oleron Guard offers assessments of maritime assets to insurers, lenders, and vessel owners in real-time.

We provide you with recognized expert background research on the condition of vessels, the quality of crew, and the true risk profile of a workboat company. As uncertainty evolves in the maritime industry, we help you to accurately write paper and manage your exposure.

our clients include:

Maritime Underwriters

Oleron Guard maritime risk assessment services are vital and essential for marine underwriters with aggressive premium portfolios seeking to forecast and protect individual policy profitability through superior vessel operator risk exposure profiling.

Maritime Financiers

Oleron Guard assists marine financiers anticipate and decrease underperforming equipment loan & leases through comprehensive borrower & lessor risk profile analytics utilizing customized domestic maritime key performance indicators.

Vessel Owners and Operators

Oleron Guard offers vessel owners in-depth and customized risk analysis of management/ fleet operations. The identification and remediation of risk elements enhances corporate sustainability with increased profitability through higher vessel utilization.


The risk profile of a fleet is largely determined by the operating philosophy of the owner and or operator. Oleron Guard risk assessments are a thorough yet non-intrusive means to review organizational issues that will have a direct bearing on the safe operation of vessels.

# of US Flagged Vessels
# of US Flagged Operators
$200b US
Capitalization of US Flagged Operators
$500b US
Value of cargo transported on US Flagged Vessels pa.
$3b US
Annual premiums US flagged operators

“As a thought leader in workboat technologies, MarineCFO knows the importance of resilient and sustainable cyber risk practices. Oleron Guard’s maritime cyber risk assessment program is leading edge and powerful. If protecting your investment in the marine industry is your priority than Oleron Guard should be your risk partner.”

Dan Hanowski, CFO - VerticaLive Inc.

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