SMS & TSMS Risk Analysis SMS & TSMS Risk Analysis

Oleron Guard marine experts independently verify that your clients’ safety and risk controls meet or exceed maritime commercial and regulatory guidelines. Your underwriting and origination teams will have unmeasured confidence that Oleron Guard Assessments reflect your clients’ true management risk profile.

Provably Fair Crash Gambling Games and Commercial Risk Analysis

Provably fair crash gambling games have emerged as a popular and transparent form of online entertainment, read more at CrashHUB. These games utilize cryptographic algorithms to ensure fairness and allow players to verify the outcomes independently. While they offer a unique and trustworthy gaming experience, their application extends beyond the realm of entertainment.

Commercial risk analysis, in the context of businesses and industries, involves assessing potential risks and uncertainties that could impact operations. The principles of provably fair gaming can be analogous to commercial risk analysis. Just as players seek transparency and fairness in crash games, businesses seek transparency and accuracy in their risk assessments.

By leveraging data analytics, statistical models, and advanced algorithms, businesses can make more informed decisions regarding investments, market strategies, and resource allocation. In a sense, this is akin to the provably fair nature of crash games, where the underlying algorithms ensure that outcomes are not manipulated or biased.

So, while provably fair crash gambling games offer excitement and trust to players, they also serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency and fairness in commercial risk analysis for businesses aiming to thrive in an unpredictable marketplace.

Conditional Survey Risk Analysis Conditional Survey Risk Analysis

The Oleron Guard team conducts comparative analysis of vessel conditional surveys and onsite vessel risk audits. You benefit in having a timely, comprehensive and accurate fleet risk profile in support of your underwriting and lending practices.

Commercial Contract Risk Review Commercial Contract Risk Review

Often the fine print of maritime commercial contracts creates an undue risk burden for your client. The Oleron Guard contract review process identifies contract terms and conditions which are inconsistent with your firm’s risk tolerance model.

Cyber Security Risk Analysis Cyber Security Risk Analysis

You can depend on each Oleron Guard maritime cyber risk analyst to be among the industry’s best. The proliferation of cyber crimes in the maritime space requires more than just a cursory vetting of your clients’ cyber policies, practices and infrastructure.

Predictive Maintenance Risk Analysis Predictive Maintenance Risk Analysis

Advancing onboard technologies require experienced and knowledgeable personnel to interpret and analysis relevant PdM data. Oleron Guard marine engineers strive to keep you fully informed as to your clients’ proactive maintenance practices.

Legal Opinions Legal Opinions

Often it is prudent to obtain a legal opinion on any number of your clients’ risk conditions. At Oleron Guard our front line admiralty, maritime and insurance legal practitioners make it their business to protect your business.


An Oleron Guard risk analysis of a marine operator’s hiring, training, retention, health and safety practices will identify areas ripe for a Jones Act negligence claim.

Online Management Tools

Oleron Guard has developed proprietary pro-forma documentation and methodologies which comply with IMO FSA, ISO 31000, USCG RBDM and ISO 9001 scope of risk assessment requirements.
Assessment forms, instructions, and reports can be accessed from Client Log In of this website.


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